Little Laura's

Hello and welcome to, a blog dedicated to all things travel, food, photography, lifestyle and film! (so basically everything).

Me and my little blog go all the way back to 2013 when we started as nothing but a food blog (I’m not knocking that, I LOVE a good food blog) and as much as I loved writing, I found it so incredibly difficult to write about only one category. Since then, we’ve evolved into many different things – from your lifestyle and not-so-trust worthy advice gurus all the way though to interior design and photography fanatics, we’ve tried it all!

In 2015 we had a very love – hate relationship going on. At the time I had grown to really hate writing particularly about food and found myself writing posts for no other reason than I though I HAD to. So, in September that year, I decided to have a break, really think about what I wanted to write about and then give it another shot.

And here I am! It’s now February 2016 and I’m back with all these new ideas. I cant wait to start writing about the things I love and I truly hope you guys enjoy reading them!

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