Dear Diary: We’re finally In

24th June 2016



(Disclaimer: That’s not the view from our house. It’s a photo I took on the way back from ALDI yesterday. Lol)

I’m sat writing this post on the sofa in my most comfortable joggers (that I have absolutely never ever worn for jogging, FYI) with a tummy absolutely full to the brim of Chinese food and the patio doors are open.  Now, that might not sound that amazing to you, but after the longest, least productive day ever and a totally exhausting week, I’ll just about settle for anything. PLUS we’re chatting about our Honeymoon which is always an exciting topic. So, yeah. It’s pretty chill here. Continue Reading…

Dear Diary: I Got Engaged At Disney World!

12th June 2016

I mean, basically the title says it all but OMG I GOT ENGAGED AT DISNEY WORLD. 
Dinsey blog 1

(And yes, that is a lil’ sneaky Minnie Mouse bow sitting pretty in my hair. I love it very much).

The past month seems to have gone by in such a blur of wedding planning/house moving/flatpack assembling madness that I feel like I really need to sit down and just write it all down. I feel like all of a sudden, I’ve become a grown up. I’ve become this grown up version of myself that appears to get excited about odd things like bathroom accessories and wedding caterers and chairs that DOUBLE UP AS TOWEL RACKS (very exciting, if you ask me). But, as exciting as it is, I feel like I’m going to forget it all and let this crazy time in my life pass by in a blur if I don’t sit and type it up on this blog of mine. So, here I am.  Continue Reading…