The Ultimate Lazy Sunday

15th October 2016

The Ultimate Lazy Sunday

I am so in love with everything about a lazy Sunday. The very though of having  no alarms, staying in pyjamas all day, letting the sun peek in through the curtains while I sit and read a few chapters of my favourite book is just wonderful. Continue Reading…

Honeymoon Wishes

4th October 2016

A Travel Wishlist

As I write this I’m snuggled up on the sofa cradling my laptop. There’s a new candle burning and episode 2 of Luke Cage is on. I’m also wishing we had a sneaky, hidden tub of Haagen Dazs lurking around in the back of the freezer, but unfortunately we don’t, so I’m sipping water from a fancy glass and eating raspberries hoping it will help me fit into my wedding dress next May. Fun.  Continue Reading…